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Cris Field, Transformational Success Coach

What do you do?

I support self-employed individuals who struggle with financial overwhelm to step up, stand out, and bank more cash.

Really?  How do you do that?

I help you reduce stress, get clear on your next steps so you can better focus on your priorities, and accomplish what you intended to do when you started your business.  Because you’re less stressed, more clear, and more focused, you have more quality time so you’re able to do more and do it better.  That’s more for your business, more for your family, more for vacations, more for giving back to the community or whatever else you choose.

What kind of results do your clients experience?

  • A recent client stepped up, stood out, and managed to get himself transferred, promoted, and a 60% salary increase.  What great support to him and his family!
  • Another client managed to get herself fired from a job that she hated.  Sounds kind of like bad news, but NO!  She found another one before her severance ran out.  Her new job came with better utilization of her many talents, a 50% increase in salary, and better benefits.  More fun, more money, and peace of mind, too!
  • Another client wasn’t struggling financially when she came to see me but she’s now able to talk to the family attorney about money without getting tongue-tied and breaking into a cold sweat.  She’s also able to enjoy her weekly calls with her mother instead facing them with dread.  What a great feeling when important relationships are improved!
  • So money issues can be about getting more money, more time, and more security.  Or the solution can be about relieving any stress that might be attached to the money you already have.

What exactly do you do to get those kinds of results for people?

First we talk:  I walk you through your personalized program that I tailor to address your specific situation.  In taking you through various processes, we uncover early childhood programming that we’ve all picked up in various forms from our very well meaning parents and caregivers.  (This programming runs our subconscious mind, creates our habitual thoughts, and forms our underlying beliefs around money.  You can see how this might strongly influence your behaviors and action related to money.)  But in bringing those subconscious thoughts and beliefs to the surface, you’re able to make conscious decisions around money instead of allowing your subconscious mind to control what you do.

Then we tap AND talk:  Here’s the kind of woo woo part.  But not really woo woo because there are some clinical trials that show it's effectiveness.  (I linked a few articles below in case you’d like to check out the scientific angle.)

We'll use a mind / body tool called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping.  EFT / Tapping is based on the premise that what we think and what we believe has a direct effect on our nervous system.  When we think a stressful thought, our nervous system sends a message through the body to the amygdala.  The amygdala is the part of our brain that holds the fight, flight, or freeze response.  We go into the stress response.  Our cortisol levels increase.  And our brain and our whole body are involved which directly affects our attitude, efforts, and actions.

This tapping physically interrupts the stress connection that runs through the nervous system to the amygdala.  Clinical trials have shown that cortisol levels are reduced with tapping.  When the stress levels are reduced, we’re out of fight / flight / freeze mode and we can think clearly and respond consciously, with awareness, to whatever our particular situation is.

Science, trials & a brain scan:

PTSD - Psychological trauma symptom improvement in veterans using emotional freedom techniques: a randomized controlled trial:

Headaches - Effect of the Emotional Freedom Technique on Perceived Stress, Quality of Life, and Cortisol Salivary Levels in Tension-Type Headache Sufferers: A Randomized Controlled Trial:

Relationships - Watch Dr. Sue Johnson speak about how effective EFT Couples Therapy is as shown in the fMRI brain scans:!eft-hand-holding-research/c1coh

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